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Eithne Reynolds

Eithne Reynolds is a published, award-winning writer living in Dublin. She writes fiction, poetry and memoir. She is the Gold Medal Winner NY Literary Magazine Poetry Competition, 2016; Irish winner The Fermoy International Poetry Competition, 2014; placed second in North West Words Poetry Prize, 2013; placed second in The Creative Flow Poet of the Year Competition, 2016; short-listed The OBeal 5 word Poetry Competition, 2013; long-listed  Doire Press 2nd annual chapbook competition, 2013; long-listed for the Fish Poetry Competition, 2013.

Her writing has been published in Ireland and internationally, including in the NY Literary Magazine, The Blue Max Review anthology, Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow anthology, The Galway Review anthology, Skylight 47 Literary MagazineOBéal anthology, Woman’s Way Magazine, and in online publications including,, and The Bohemyth