Welcome to Idler, the home of great short-form creative writing. 

We welcome submissions of essays, poems and stories from writers in Ireland or anywhere else. Please send your essays, poems and stories to submissions@idler.ie for consideration. In general, stories and essays should be about 2,000 words maximum. Poems make their own rules.

Submissions should be in English and sent via a Word or other text document and not in PDF format, as Idler edits all submissions selected for publication. Please include your website or blog details if you'd like a link. A short biography and photograph is also welcomed.

The story of Idler

Idler Online Publishing was established in 2014. It publishes short-form creative writing online at www.idler.ie, which went live in January 2016. Idler is owned and managed by Barbara Clinton, a short-form creative writer, substantive editor, copywriter and proof reader, with a background in national newspaper reporting and editing. She lives in Dublin.